Standardization of Herbal Drugs

The verification or the testimonial of a drugs   identity, purity and quality determination and also to detect the adulterant is termed as standardisation of herbal drug. This standardisation process includes various techniques like physical, chemical, biological and its morphological observations of the drugs.

With the high increase in the use of herbal medicines worldwide and the rapid expansion of the global market for these products, the safety and quality of medicinal plant materials and herbal medicinal products have become a major concern for health authorities, pharmaceutical industries and the public. The global botanical and plant-derived drug market was valued at $21.4 billion in 2011 and should reach $22.1 billion in 2012. Total market value is expected to reach $26.6 billion in 2017 after increasing at a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.7%.

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